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"In as much as ye have done it 
unto one of the least of these my
brethren,ye have done it unto me." 
(Matthew 25:40)
“Transforming Lives,
Shaping Future"
Dearly beloved ministry partners and friends,
"I thank my God always concerning you, for the grace of God which was given you in Christ Jesus" (1 Cor. 1:4)
Precious Heritage never stop thanking everyone of you who prays and financially helps this ministry. As the national opening of the school year 2011-2012 is approaching this month, children at Precious Heritage Home are blessed with people who wholeheartedly shares their resources to fill their needs. We thank God that this year, we will never spend much for the children's school uniforms and supplies because of the interested group who pledged to provide such. We praise the Lord for the answered prayers!.
This school year, our Precious Children will study at our very own school ministry using Accelerated Christian Education (ACE) Program. We thank God for the couple John and Trish Bradd who helped us financially in our application to School of Tomorrow.  Since we have no classroom building yet, our children will temporary start a home schooling right here at Precious Heritage Children's Home while we are waiting for God's provision of classroom building in our designated school place. 
We always thank God to our friends who extended their financial and material supports for the children here. May the blessings of the Lord be with you all for partnering with us in bringing love and hope to the children in need. We always pray for you.
We conducted Vacation Bible School at Precious Heritage Children's Home last May 18-21, 2011 with participants of 175 children from the community around PH Children's Home.We thank God that from their young age, we have given a mandate to share with them the benefits of having Jesus in their hearts.We are grateful for the Youth from Manila who volunteered to teach the children.
Please help us pray for the following:
1. Please continue to pray for our faith project for the children. We thank God for Hewlett Packard (HP) for donating an initial amount to start the construction of the proposed classroom building. We still need more partners to contribute financially/materially to realize this faith project for the precious children.
2. Please pray that God will provide us donor/partner who will help us purchase the students' paces/books for this school year. We have 18 children at the Children's Home who will study starting this month of June and we still have no source to purchase these materials. We need US$50 (Php2,120) for each children.
3. Please pray that God would send sponsors for our individual ward children. Through the monthly sponsorship of $25 monthly, we can be able to provide clothing, food, vitamins and personal needs of the children. We are praying for an rndividual sponsors for each of them.
God bless you and thank you for taking time to read this update.  If you feel moved, we pray you will consider joining us in our mission. 
"May the LORD reward your work, and your wages be full from the LORD..."(Ruth 2:12)
In His service,

Founding President
Crickets Communications and Sitel sponsored a talent development competition to Precious Heritage Children last May 23, 2011. We thank God for their regular donation and bringing good cheers and happiness to our ward children. The children showed their talents before the crowd and enjoyed the activity so much. We thank God for Ms. Marjorie Samour, Mr.Tim Straka, Ms.  Veronica Camacho and the rest of the group for their quality visit to us.

According to your faith it will be done unto you (Matt. 9:29)
Precious Heritage conducted a simple ground breaking ceremony with the children to initially start the construction of Precious Heritage Christian School building in Antipolo for the benefit of our ward children. With the initial seed money of $2,000. PH Family are very confident that God will be faithful to complete it in His appointed time (Phil. 1:6). Everything in Precious Heritage projects is undergirded by prayer.  Our wonderful Heavenly Father put this work in our hearts and we know He will be faithful to complete it! 
We are very confident that through your small contributions, this proposed 2 classrooms for the initial 60 students will be attainable for us with the help of God. We encourage everyone to join us in accomplishing this project. We welcome each individual and group to contribute any amount you can afford for this wonderful project for the children. You can also sponsor 1 cornerstone (see floor plan below)  or any building material listed below:
Per Unit
Total Units Needed
Corner Stone
8 posts.
Concrete Hollow Blocks
2,000 pcs.
Steel Bar (16 mm)
 50 pcs.
Steel Bart (10 mm)
 300 pcs 
Cement Portland
240 bags
White Sand
 3 truckloads
Gravel 3/4"
 1 truckload
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By becoming our donor/sponsor you are with us in bringing love and hope to children in need. 
It will go along way in helping the children to have better lives. Please make a gift today!


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